SPKA is currently laying crucial groundwork for establishing parkour within Switzerland's sporting structures. All the tasks that we are currently taking care of are part of building a platform that enables parkour to further grow as a community-driven movement and therefore staying as independent as possible without missing on the benefits that established sports do have in Switzerland. The Swiss parkour Tour and Youth + Sport are just the beginning of what we plan to achieve. In the end, every parkour organisation and every parkourist can benefit from our work in the future.

This project was born from a common dream. All the parkourist in Switzerland who wanted to develop parkour have created teams and associations to develop the local communities - to grow their discipline that they love so much, by creating content on networks, participating in events, organising sessions with a family atmosphere and finally trying to live from their passion.

The SPKA wants to take all these projects even further! The current interest of the organisations in Switzerland should be in the Youth + Sports project, as this will make the sport grow and the recognition on a national level will follow afterwards.

Parkour is receiving a lot of attention when it comes to sports politics. We are currently doing the work to ensure that the practitioner of parkour can still govern and develop their vision of parkour in the future. To succeed, it is fundamental that we can count on every single parkour heart in our strong community. Many hours of voluntary work are still put in every week.

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