For Parkour Clubs

Why Youth + Sports?

Youth and Sport supports sports clubs in Switzerland with subsidies, whereby every parkour club with trained Y+S-Instructors can benefit. As soon as a club uses Y+S-Instructors in active courses, the Y+S-Coach (each club has its own coach) opens a course in the national database for sport. At the end of the course (minimal course length: 14 weeks), the club receives a first partial payment of 80% of the subsidies. The remaining payment of a maximum of 20% is then made at the beginning of the following year. These subsidies are made because parkour has been offered within the framework of Y+S. All information can be found in the following guide:

In order to be able to invoice Y+S-Courses as an organisation, each club needs its own Y+S-Coach who manages the administration of the club's internal courses. A Y+S-Coach training takes only a few hours and can be carried out at many locations in Switzerland. Identify a person in your club who would like to take on this task and choose a suitable Y+S-Coach course. Link to the coach-course offer:

As soon as you have a J+S-Coach in your club, you can register your potential Y+S-Instructors for the parkour Instructor courses. After the Instructor course, the coach can register the courses of the Y+S-Instructors and apply for the subsidies.

For more information or questions, please contact us at any time. Contact us by e-mail at: