Open Letter to STV

Dec 1, 2018

Open Letter to STV

The international gymnastics federation (FIG) is currently pursuing the plan to turn parkour into a gymnastics discipline.

For parkour to be officially recognized as a FIG discipline, the general assembly must approve the necessary changes to the federation’s statutes, as it previously did with trampoline and acrobatic gymnastics, the last disciplines welcomed into the FIG fold 20 years ago. There will be a vote on the approval of these changes on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2018.

Most Swiss parkour organisations do not agree with FIG's approach. 13 Swiss parkour organisations issued an open letter to the Swiss Gymnastics Association (STV) ahead of FIG's congress, asking them to abstain from voting.

The open letter can be found online.

Independent of FIG's decision whether to further pursue taking over parkour on an international level, SPKA will continue their work on uniting the Swiss parkour community so the future of parkour in Switzerland can be influenced directly by the practitioners of parkour.

What is your opinion on the current events?