Once again we need your help!

Jul 11, 2022

Once again we need your help!

We are amazed by the support of the Swiss parkour community and the unbelievable financial donations we got at the end of 2021 / beginning of 2022. This support enabled us to employee Julian Dutoit to be in charge of the development of youth and sports parkour. Julian collaborated with members of the Swiss parkour community to create the first ever youth and sports parkour education. Through the development of youth and sports parkour, Swiss parkour communities get access to trainer certifications and financial support by the Swiss government for teaching parkour! The first teacher course in April was a huge success and we are already planning the next one in October. Without all the hard work, the support from the government and the financial support of the community, this would not have been possible. Thank you so much!

As we are a young association, we are still in need of your donation-based financial support until our organization is fully established. Another year (2022) is running without any membership fees and lots of unpaid work hours, but we are currently collecting data to financially save the existence of SPKA from 2023 on. Our ideas will be discussed with the whole parkour community and all the members of SPKA later this year. Until 2023, we still have some months without any steady income to overcome. To be able to keep up our doings, such as the organization of the Swiss parkour tour and the continuous administration and development of the youth and sports educations, we are asking you once again to support us with donations. In the end, SPKA is a non-profit organization. We had reached the limits of what is possible to achieve based on voluntary work only. The donations are necessary to have some payment for parts of the hundreds of hours of work that SPKA is putting in to support the Swiss parkour community.

Parkour is receving a lot of attention when it comes to sports politics. We are currently doing the work to ensure that the practitioner of parkour can still govern and develop their vision of parkour in the future. To succeed, it is fundamental that we can count on every single parkour heart in our strong community. Many hours of voluntary work are still put in every week. We are currently reaching out to all our organizations to understand in great detail how we can help out as an association. We thank all of the responsible people among our members that are helping us to collect this useful data!

In advance, we want to give a big up to everyone who supports us by coming to our events or being a part of youth and sports.

Thanks for being with us once again! See you all very soon at the Swiss Parkour Tour!

- Your Board Team of SPKA