Ethics Charter

Jun 29, 2023

Ethics Charter

The Swiss Parkour Association, as a member of Youth and Sports, attaches great importance to promoting the values of the Ethics Charter and integrating them into its member federations and clubs.

The Ethics Charter comprises nine principles that represent an obligation for all - for healthy, respectful and fair sport.


1 Equal treatment for all

Nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, social origin, religious and political orientation do not lead to discrimination.

2 Sport and social environment in harmony

The demands of training and competition are compatible with education, work and family.

3 Strengthening self-responsibility and co-responsibility

Athletes are involved in decisions that affect them.

4 Respectful encouragement instead of excessive demands

The measures taken to achieve sporting goals do not violate the physical or psychological integrity of sportsmen and sportswomen.

5 Education in fairness and environmental responsibility

Behaviour towards each other and towards nature shall be characterised by respect.

6 Against violence, exploitation and sexual assault

Physical and psychological violence as well as any form of exploitation will not be tolerated. Raise awareness, be vigilant and intervene consistently.

7 Rejection of doping and drugs

Provide sustained education and intervene immediately in cases of consumption, administration or distribution.

8 Refrain from tobacco and alcohol during sport.

Point out the risks and effects of consumption at an early stage.

9 Against all forms of corruption

Promote and demand transparency in decisions and processes. Regulate and consistently disclose the handling of conflicts of interest, gifts, finances and betting.


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