Parkour Values

Jun 30, 2023

Values and attitudes in parkour

With the development of Parkour, a strong philosophy has grown. In addition to the ethics charter of Swiss Olympic, the SPKA has defined value attitudes in parkour. These important pillars are lived in the parkour community and have become established in the scene over the years. The values also show the difference to other sports in order to live Parkour to the full. We convey these aspects in the training and would like them to be conveyed in all trainings and offers. The values can be compared and complemented with those of the Ethics Charter. All in all, the following 10 values are central to Parkour:

1 Safety and control in every situation

In parkour we avoid risky situations. We perform the agile movements with the utmost safety and in a very controlled way (values according to David Belle).

2 Health and strength

This attitude complements the first point. To stay mentally and physically healthy and to become stronger, parkourists have to act in a conscious and controlled way. Mental strength focuses mainly on precise self-assessment. Parkourists need to know their abilities very well in order to be able to assess the risk of a jump. This in turn leads to self-confidence and mental strength (values according to David Belle).

3 Mutual support

It takes courage to explore and use your body in a new way. The mutual support of the parkourists is an important factor to reach the goal. Encourage your parkour group to help and support each other, act as role models, motivate and encourage weaker participants. A climate conducive to learning can only be created if you allow mistakes and ensure the necessary support (values according to David Belle).

4 Freedom from competition

In Parkour there is only one opponent: yourself. Your children and young people try to be better today than yesterday - and help others to achieve their goals as well. Their passion for the art of movement unites all who practise Parkour. Every single achievement deserves respect (values according to TRUST Education - Parkour One).

5 Respect for the environment and surroundings

The value of respect encompasses different levels: Respect for oneself and one's own body requires a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Respect for the environment means behaving responsibly and in an exemplary manner in everyday life. Respect for one's fellow human beings requires constant self-examination. Those who respect themselves and reflect on their behaviour are able to think and act empathetically (values according to TRUSTEducation - Parkour One).

6 Gratitude

People want to develop and progress. We should never forget what we have already achieved and who has accompanied us along the way. We are grateful for the support of our friends, partners and families. We are grateful and proud of the incredible things we have lived and created together (values according to TRUST Education - Parkour One).

7 Modesty

The proverb "The way is the goal" aptly symbolises this value: Life always presents us with new challenges that we have to overcome and grow with (values according to TRUST Education- Parkour One).

8 Confidence

To go new ways and to shape one's own life creatively requires a high degree of self-confidence. The interplay between success and failure leads to a strengthened self-confidence and promotes self-efficacy. Trust in oneself is the basis for building trust between people (values according to TRUST Education - Parkour One).

9 Being courageous

Being courageous means having inner strength and taking control of your life. In Parkour we have to take responsibility for our actions and have the courage to make a decision (TRUST Education - Parkour One).

10 Friendship

No matter where you go, Parkour is a key to friendship. Friendship comes from many aspects. One of them is having common needs. The sport, with its strong values, promotes an open and like-minded attitude that unites us. In retrospect, friendship strengthens the values we cultivate in parkour (David Belle's values).