Cool and Clean

Jun 29, 2023

Cool and Clean

The Swiss Olympic prevention programme "cool and clean" stands for successful, fair and clean sport. It supports leaders in promoting the life skills of young people, recognising dangerous developments at an early stage and reacting correctly. 


The "cool and clean" commitments

The programme is based on six commitments to which the leaders commit themselves together with the young people:


I want to achieve my goals! (youth sports)
I want to reach the top! (youth competitive sport)
I will behave fairly!
I perform without doping!
I abstain from tobacco!
I abstain from alcohol! (U16)
When I drink alcohol, I do so without harming myself or others! (16+)
I ... ! / We ... ! (own commitment)


"cool and clean" also supports sports organisers and sports facility operators in implementing youth protection measures and measures to protect against passive smoking.


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