J+S Parkour

Oct 10, 2020

J+S Parkour

Dear members of the swiss parkour community,


In the beginning of April 2019, the Swiss Parkour Association SPKA handed in their application to request the integration of Parkour in J+S. On the 3. April 2020, the Swiss federal council has decided on several changes in the regulations for sport promotion (SpoFöV, SR 415.01). We are excited to announce that Parkour has been added to the list of J+S disciplines (Attachment 1 VSpoFöP). Until this decision takes effect on the 1. October 2021, the new disciplines will be developed within BASPO. The affected federations will be involved in the process. This is why SPKA will be invited to a kickoff meeting by BASPO in the near future.  

Prior to this kickoff meeting, SPKA would like to do some preparations. In a first step, we would like to invite people interested in participating in the development of parkour as a J+S discipline to an online meeting. We are asking people interested in joining the meeting to spend a few minutes on an online survey until the 30.4. The questions are not meant to de off-putting, the survey is to help us planning the meeting and also to help us present the existing experience and knowledge within our community to BASPO. Thank you very much!


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