"The SPKA is unreservedly committed to respectful, healthy, fair and successful sport."

The Ethics Statute of Swiss Sport has created a uniform and fundamental basis for reporting, investigating and sanctioning ethical incidents. We are guided by these rules because the statute is based on the Olympic values, as well as the Ethics Charter, which we adhere to in the area of youth and sport. 
The SPKA is committed to ensuring that the values and basic ethical principles are observed in every parkour club in Switzerland and in every parkour programme. In this way, every parkourist contributes to sustainable and valuable sport. 
We do not tolerate any breaches of ethics, but live friendship and the sport with all its facets.

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Parkour Values


Ethics Charter


Cool and Clean


Reporting an incident

Reports of ethical incidents and doping violations in sport can be made by anyone to Swiss Sport Integrity as soon as possible. Swiss Sport Integrity's Reporting and Investigation Unit handles these reports independently, confidentially and allows anonymity if required. Persons who observe, experience or become aware of such incidents in sport are requested to report them to Swiss Sport Integrity. Persons with a supervisory role in sport, such as coaches, trainers or supervisors, have an additional duty to report. Swiss Sport Integrity can be contacted via the website www.sportintegrity.ch and the telephone number 031 550 21 31.